Usia Berapa Yang Dianggap Paling Bahagia?

Berapa usia Anda sekarang? Dan, selama hidup Anda (masa lalu, sekarang, dan masa depan), pada usia berapa yang menurut Anda adalah atau akan menjadi yang paling bahagia?

Ini pertanyaan yang sulit, oleh karena itu si pembuat artikel selama dua minggu terakhir menggunakan layanan Amazon Crowdsourcing untuk meminta 672 orang menjawab kedua pertanyaan itu. Dan inilah hasilnya.

Setiap titik menggambarkan minimal satu orang. Jika lebih dari satu orang yang memberikan jawaban yang sama, titiknya lebih besar.

Si penulis kemudian tidak tahu grafik itu bisa digunakan sebagai apa, tetapi banyak orang yang menulis komentar singkat dan menjelaskan alasan pilihan mereka. Berikut ini adalah beberapa komentar yang menarik, masing-masing dengan usia sekarang dan usia yang dianggap paling bahagia:

(maaf tidak diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia)

An 18-year-old: 25
Because that’s when i’ll have a stable job, good income and my own house (hopefully).

A 25-year-old: 18
I wish I could stay 18 or ever.

A 33-year-old: 53
Will have met financial freedom and retirement goals.

A 46-year-old: 53
By the time I’m 53, I feel like I will be old enough to truly know myself and young enough to be physically fit.

A 53-year-old: 53
I was diagnosed with cancer around 2.5 years ago, went through the chemo and radiation. I’m finally at a point where I am grateful and happy that it was found in time to do something about it, and not worrying every second that it will come back. Not exactly a near-death experience, but as close as I want to come. Makes you REAL happy to be alive and to try and appreciate even the small things.

A 24-year-old: 40
I have already had a lot of happiness in my life and am very grateful for said happiness but I noticed that as my father ages, he seems to find more and more joy in the smaller things in life. Even in tough times he seems to maintain a more positive attitude – maybe it’s because he’s retired or he’s realized that worrying does’t accomplish much. I hope to achieve his level of wisdom someday and look forward to more happiness and fulfillment later in life.

A 53-year-old: 40
This was the point in my life that I had gotten through college, was married, had children and a career. I spent many hours at my childrens games (football, softball, etc) and and loved every minute if it! Financially, things were getting easier as my husband and I advanced in our careers so we could do more things such as travel and not have to worry so much about being able to afford it. It seemed that the hard work of college and “paying my dues” as I began my career were finally beginning to pay off.

A 21-year-old: 30
At 30, still young but old enough to be really developing my career.

A 30-year-old: 21
Life at my fingertips…

A 26-year-old: 35
I love the family life and independence; by the age mentioned I hope to have less day-to-day worries and more kids, but still be in a really good shape to enjoy it. Plus, I hope to be much more stable professionally.

A 34-year-old: 25
It’s amazing what experience, debt, and growing older can do to your outlook on life. I thought a decade ago I would be happer a decade later, and I am finding out that’s not really the case. I’m not unhappy by any means, but the more responsibilities we accrue in life, the easier it is to rate our happiness by different things.

A 23-year-old: 21
In college – so far it was the best time of my life. Hopefully it won’t be!

A 35-year-old: 21
College years were the best

An 18-year-old: 28
Done with college, can settle down, new job, etc

A 28-year-old: 22
I was a college student then. That were happiest years in my life, because my character shaped and tempered. Though any college assignment felt hard, I can enjoyed the hardship. Sincerely, I dreamed several times about my college years when I slept. I really missed that moment of life.

A 26-year-old: 15
15 was a great year. I was still to young to care and honestly thought the world was at my feet. I spent the school year hanging out with friends and of course school. Summer I spent most of it at my uncles enjoying time with my younger cousins and the cute boy down the street. Ahh… life before a I ever had a job.

Another 26-year-old: 26
As someone who has spent most of her short life daydreaming, I have learned not to waste my time measuring happiness or planning how to create it. I try and make the best of the present time and hope that I continue to do that for the rest of my life. Interesting question!

Yet another 26-year-old: 32
I feel by that time I will have finished grad school and be working in a field that I love. I will be more comfortable with who I am and my place in the world by that time.

A 26-year-old: 30
The day i get married will be the happiest day of my life.

A 41-year-old: 26
I met and married my husband at 26 years old. It was the best time of my life.

A 70-year-old: 30
We had a very happy marriage and two beautiful daughters. Although we are still married, things often got complicated and stressful but never hopeless.

A 23-year-old: 8
Childhood was a time of innocence; no worries, no bills, no thought as to cause and effect… You walk around with your fingers in your nose picking wedgies and thinking about the playground never wondering about world hunger war terrorism or even when companies may go bankrupt and cancel your favorite television show.

A 44-year-old: 25
The age I married my beloved husband and set out on our new life together. We are still together and still very happy. The adventures we share and have shared have brought so much joy to my life.

A 46-year-old: 34
I was happiest when I was single and working at the beginning of my professional career.

A 27-year-old: 45
Having children and watching them grow will give me the greatest joy.

A 38-year-old: 45
at that age most of my kids will be grown and hopefully I will be able to quit my job by then and do some of the things i would like to be able to do in my life

A 29-year-old: 16
I desperately miss the imagined knowledge and unknown ignorance of being in high school

Another 29-year-old: 17
Got married at 16 have 4 kids…so life has been challenging, wouldn’t trade them for anything…but would like to go back and have less responsability even for a little while 🙂

A 29-year-old: 26
This is the age that I came to the realization that I had finally found what I wanted. Everything just seemed to be coming together.

A 50-year-old: 26
At 26 i had my only child…and i was going to college, met a man of my dreams and felt like i could do it all..then i got involved with my child and man everything i wanted went out the window with in the first i regret it sometimes would i change it not on my life

A 54-year-old: 23
I know for sure that as I age I get unhappier. At this point I’m thinking about how much longer I have as compared to having my whole life in front of me.

A 31-year-old: 50
I said 50 is the age I would be the happiest because it seems like the older I get the happier I am. And I hope that when I’m 50 I will continue to get more happy with each passing year and I hope to still be in great health.

A 44-year-old: 32
I finally had my child after trying for 10 years and my life was complete then.

A 43-year-old: 61
My youngest child will be of age and hopefully off to college \u0026 then I will be free to do what I want with my life.

A 39-year-old: 40
We had always known we wanted to adopt 2 special children and our hearts goal was that it would be by the time I am 40 and my husband 45. Our second and final adoption will be finalized in 2009 and I will be 40 years old.

A 46-year-old: 65
I am looking forward to 65, so I can retire, and actually take some time out to enjoy life.

A 65-year-old: 34
I was well on my way with a career wide open, had purchased my first house and had a great social life. Since then I have been up and down, but never so enthusiastic about life as I was then.

A 53-year-old: 22
We don’t appreciate things at a young age, but as we grow older we always wish we knew then what we know now.

A 22-year-old: 22
Two young daughters make my life the happiest! 🙂

A 30-year-old: 25
I was earning, was healthy, carefree. Looked as if there is enough time in life

A 62-year-old: 19
I was young, gorgeous, full of life and in love

Pada komen yang terakhir ini, si penulis berhenti membaca dan menatap kosong pada layar, ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang penulis komen yang terakhir dibaca itu.

Ternyata menarik juga mengetahui bagaimana pendapat seseorang terhadap diri mereka sendiri. Sebetulnya lebih menarik lagi untuk mengetahui bagaimana pendapat orang lain terhadap diri kita, minimal untuk refleksi diri, tetapi umumnya kita tidak bisa mendapatkan hasil yang obyektif.

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18 Responses to Usia Berapa Yang Dianggap Paling Bahagia?

  1. m4stono says:

    kalo saya bukan umur berapa yg bahagia…prinsipnya, kecil dimanja, muda foya2, tua kaya raya, mati masuk surga… :mrgreen:

  2. Mas Lambang kayaknya yg terakhir nih. Umur 62 nostalgia waktu masih 19 :mrgreen:

  3. Filarbiru says:

    Aku bahagia waktu kecil tiada tanding tiada banding. Hehehe

  4. sikapsamin says:

    Lha…waktu kecil Gizi-buruk, waktu muda terlunta-lunta, waktu tua makin tak berdaya. Setelah mati…tak sanggup menghadapi Bidadari-Surga…


    • Lambang says:

      Kalau itu kayaknya ada kesalahan genetika. Udah sulit diperbaikinya kecuali dibuat jadi mutant atau hybrid. Ninja Turtle Mutant…. :mrgreen:
      Tapi meditasi bisa mengubah gen. Kalau percaya… 🙂

  5. KangBoed says:

    Selamat Tahun Baru 2010
    Hati Hati ARUS PERCEPATAN menimpa Nusantara
    Sahabat semuanya tahun 2009 sudah di belakang kita..
    WAL ASRI..
    semuanya sudah kita lalui bersama sama..
    Canda tawa riang Gembira Tangis suka duka nan pilu telah berlalu..
    semua telah kembali ke alam LAMUNAN TUHAN..
    Tahun 2010 akan datang Menyongsong kita semuanya..
    Tahun 2010 akan segera kita jalani setapak demi setapak..
    Semua itu masih menjadi RAHASIA TUHAN..
    Sesungguhnya Masa yang akan Datang Masih Berada dalam Sirr nya TUHAN..
    Bahkan Sirr/ubun ubun manusia selalu berada dalam Genggaman Tangan Tuhan
    Sesungguhnya Hidup Manusia berada dalam Genggaman Tangan Tuhan..
    Sahabat.. mari kita diam sejenak melamun di alam lamunan Tuhan..
    Membuka kembali perjalanan Tahun 2009 yang baru kita lalui bersama sama..
    Diam dalam tafakur perenungan diri yang dalam..
    Bukankah waktu yang lalu adalah guru untuk ESOK lebih baik
    Bukankah kita harus mengambil hikmah perjalanan kemarin demi perbaikan
    Sahabat Jangan Sia Siakan Waktu sebelum waktu berbalik melindas kita
    Mari kita benahi diri kita masing masing dan belajar serta terus belajar
    Menemukan Tujuan Hidup Manusia dalam Kesadaran Sepenuhnya
    Walau kemungkinan tahun 2010 akan berjalan dengan berat..
    Keadaan mungkin semakin tiada menentu dan semakin sulit saja
    Fenomena alam dan gejolaknya semakin kerap bertambah melanda
    Tapi biarlah semua itu menjadi pelajaran untuk ber SEGERA
    Segera melangkah membenahi diri.. diri lahir dan diri bathin..
    Membenahi Perjalanan Lahiriah dan Perjalanan Bathiniah yang terabaikan
    Ingat sahabatku semuanya sekali lagi bahwa dirimu meliputi lahir dan bathin
    Jika tiba Saat dan Waktunya maka diri lahir akan kembali kepada tanah
    Tetapi sekali lagi INGAT !!! karena diri Bathin akan bangkit melanjutkan perjalanan
    Diri Bathin akan menuai hasil apa yang selama ini kita tanam dan perjuangkan
    Menangis DARAHpun percuma saja jika kau lalai selama di sini
    Sahabat mulailah berfikir untuk menata kehidupan bathin kita masing masing
    Sebab ketahuilah kehidupan bathin adalah sebuah perjalanan spiritual panjang
    Diri Lahiriah melambangkan nilai manusia di hadapan manusia lainnya..
    Sedangkan Diri Bathiniah melambangkan Nilai Manusia dihadapan Tuhan..
    yayaya.. Sesungguhnya NILAI MANUSIA dihadapan ALLAH ada di sini..
    Sahabat biarlah tahun 2010 menjadi tahun kebangkitan bagi kita semua
    Tahun 2010 menjadi Momentum Bangkitnya Kesadaran dalam Diri
    Mari Sahabatku semuanya gapailah esok lebih baik dan lebih baik lagi
    Sekali lagi MELANGKAHLAH SEGERA.. jangan SIA SIA kan waktumu..
    Sebelum TERLAMBAT
    Selamat Tahun Baru 2010

  6. KangBoed says:

    Selamat Tahun Baru
    Semangat Baru
    Menemukan Diri Sebenar Diri
    Meraih Kehidupan Sejati..

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆



    Salam Cinta Damai dan Kasih Sayang ‘tuk Sahabatku terchayaaaaaank

    I Love U fullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  7. batjoe says:

    kecil sengsara, muda mabuk-mabukan, mati ketemu setan..

    hallah… mimpi yang udah kesampian hihihihi

    :: Kecil agak bandel, muda bandel, tua makin bandel… 😀

    • batjoe says:


      bandel tapi penjaranya kaya apertemen mau????

    • Lambang says:

      Itulah pinternya manusia. Bagaimana mengubah peluang menjadi kesempatan dan mengubah kesempatan menjadi kebahagiaan.

      Apartemen di penjara? Itu bisa masuk Guinness World Records. Dan orang Indonesia memang paling hebat kalau diminta untuk membuat rekor yang antik-antik dan aduhai (niru slangnya mas LP). 🙂

  8. Sri Lestari says:

    kecil bidadari, besar bidadari, mati jadi bidadari, xi xi xi xi

  9. karim says:

    d usia yg 23 ini sya blum mrasa bahagia btull,, n mengngt masa2 skolah n kuliah jga blum.. mngkn nnti stlah nikah

  10. Yang-Kung says:

    semua yang kita nikmati sekarang adalah karena kasih Allah kepada manusia,kita harus syukuri.Kebahagiaan itu letaknya dihati * ketentraman lahir batin tanpa tekanan dan beban.Yang penting adalah sehat rohani dan jasmani .Idealnya diusia…..dimana tg jawab kita terhadp klg/masyarakat dan sesama serta diri sendiri sudah selesai.

    :: Benar YangKung, kebahagiaan letaknya ada di hati. Dan kita harus dalam kondisi sehat jiwa dan raga agar bisa merasakan kebahagiaan itu.
    Salam Rahayu.


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